A perfect method to add value and style to your designs. Get metallic effects such as silver, gold, copper or bronze, and also, very striking colors such as blue, green or red


Metallic effects that provide the color gold, silver, copper or bronze, have a connotation associated with luxury, elegance and distinction. This type of colors are applied in communication and packaging elements referring to jewelries, artisan articles, antiques, gift items, luxury items, beauty products, beverages of certain value, art galleries, design studios, etc.

Likewise, direct metallic colors such as red, green or blue, are perfect to achieve an original and striking effect, very useful to develop a unique brand identity, achieve a greater impact on business cards, highlight logos or images to enrich annual reports or certificates, create attractive covers for books, improve the image and value of premium product packaging, and in general, improve the appeal of any promotional or advertising material.

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The process of direct stamping could be divided into 2 parts:

  • We print the CMYK on which we will apply the metallic print.
  • We laminate the support and apply the stamp on the selected area. We would deliver this selection in our final artwork on a separate page 100% black. For a correct quality of the Stamping the thickness of the stroke can not be less than 0.5mm and in draft have a minimum of 1mm. Exceeded these limits we do not guarantee an optimal result.
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